Open Your Heart And Look Around

December Prayer – Idina Menzel
In the touch of a friend, in the breath of a child,
In the eyes of a soldier coming home to his mother’s grateful smile,
In the sight of falling snow, and the memories it brings,
In the season when you find some peace, in the simple tender things,
Open your heart and look around, listen listen
Hear the song within the silence,
See the beauty when there’s nothing there,
Sing a song within a silence that hope and love are everywhere,
And when the quiet night is falling watch an angel dancing in the air
To the song, the song within the silence a December Prayer,
A December Prayer.
~”Open your heart and look around, listen, listen.” 
I like this song. It gave me “all the feels”. Good memories of Christmas with my family. 
Merry Christmas everyone!
Love & Respect