Listen: Do You Really?


Just Listen

They don’t directly listen to you.
They just hear things within their minds that are triggered by your words.

~ Toba Beta

Have ever really examined how you Listen?

It doesn’t matter to what..

Whether to a bird, to the wind in the leaves, to the rushing waters..

Or listening to the dialogue with yourself..

Or to your conversation in various relationships with your intimate friends, your wife or husband.

If we try to listen, we find it extraordinarily difficult..

Because we are always projecting our opinions and ideas, our prejudices, our background, our inclinations, our impulses..

And when they dominate..

We are hardly listening at all to what is being said.

In that state.. there is absolutely no value at all.

One Listens and therefore Learns..

Only in a state of attention..

A state of silence..

In which this whole background is in abeyance.

Then, it seems to me..

It is possible to really Communicate.

Behind the words is where the heart lies. That’s where you get to connect to another human being on a whole different level.

For me, that is how my well gets filled..

By really seeing people and learning about them. The way to really see and learn about people is by learning how to listen, and seeing and learning about people is a key to finding real meaning behind this life.

~ m

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